Anantha Lakshmi Institute Of Technology & Sciences
Counselling Code



General Rules and Regulations :


Students admitted into this College, are deemed to have agreed to the rules and regulations of the college as laid down by the College Authorities from time to time, and the rules laid down in this booklet, issued at the time of admission.

Students are expected to be regular to the classes. Student has to take prior permission from concerned class coordinator and submit to the Head of the Department for approval in case of student taking leave.

In case of ill health, the student should submit the medical certificate along with prescription etc., from a registered medical doctor. The student should get the medical certificate within two days from the date of reporting to the college after ill health and also produce a letter from Parent/Guardian regarding ill health.

The students should come to the Laboratories with the prescribed uniform. Blue/White apron with shoes for Mechanical, Civil and other Laboratories, Blue/White apron without shoes for Computer Labs.

Students must attend the college in formal dress (common trousers and shirt tucked with shoes). Jeans and T-shirts are strictly prohibited on all days including Saturdays.

Students should attend the classes in time. Latecomers shall not be permitted to enter the classroom and they are likely to lose attendance.

The teacher may expel a student from the class who disturbs a lesson or does mischief.

Students will not enter or leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.

Calling students out of their classrooms by another student while the lecture is in progress is prohibited.

Students are encouraged to spend their leisure time in the library/computer center.

Students are expected to wear the identity cards issued by the college always in the campus. They are required to show the identity cards at the library, computer center, office, etc. Student without Identity Cards are not allowed to the Laboratory classes.

Students are required to help in keeping the rooms, buildings and premises clean and tidy. Writing or sticking up of posters and notices on the walls and benches and throwing of litter around the campus is strictly prohibited. Any student found writing or spoiling the walls is liable for punishment.

Smoking, Consumption of Alcohol, doping, gambling of any kind etc., is strictly prohibited in the college campus and buses as per Government act.

Students are expected to behave well with the staff, fellow students and the general public. Any misbehavior coming to the notice of the college authorities will be severely dealt with.

The conduct of the students should be exemplary not only within the premises of the college but also outside. This will help in maintaining the image and status of the college.

Students are required to observe silence at all times in the college campus. They shall not talk loudly or call each other by shouting.

Students are prohibited from loitering in the verandahs/campus and sitting on the steps, garden, staircases or parapet walls.

Ragging in any form inside or outside the college campus is banned vide Ragging Act. 26 of A.P Legislative Assembly 1997. Those who indulge in the uncivilized activity are liable for severe disciplinary action besides being liable for prosecution.

Students are not permitted to resort to strikes and demonstrations within the campus. Participation in such activity entails their dismissal from the college. Any problem they face may be represented to the mentor/coordinator /Head of the Department/Principal.

Students are prohibited from organizing any meeting or entertainment in the college campus without the permission of the college authorities.

Students should inform any changes in the addresses of their parents/guardians to the college office immediately.

The entry of outsiders without permission is prohibited. Any student found responsible for bringing outsiders into the campus for any reason/ personal disputes with other students, he/she shall be expelled from the college.

Students are expected to put up the minimum aggregate percentage of attendance (75%) as laid down by the JNT University. Students, falling short of 75% of attendance and not less than 65% have to be condoned by the approval of College Academic Committee, otherwise they will not be promoted to the next Semester/Class. Students whose attendance is less than 65% shall not be condoned under any circumstances.

The college shall communicate the parents/guardians of the students from time to time regarding the regularity and performance in the examinations, of their wards. The case of serious indiscipline on the part of the student(s) may also be communicated to parent(s)/guardian(s), to facilitate the same the parents are requested to furnish their correspondence address and contact numbers correctly.

Parents/guardians of the students can contact the college authorities either in person or by post regarding discipline, regularity in attending classes, performance in the examinations etc., of their wards.

The college has full power to take any action, which is deemed necessary in the case of any indiscipline on the part of the students. The same will be reflected in the Conduct Certificate issued at the time of leaving the college.

Student unions are not permitted except Professional Associations related to academics.

Student should park their vehicles only at the place allotted for the purpose. Vehicle riding in the college premises is strictly prohibited and the speed limit should be 20kmph as soon as they enter the campus. TRIPLE riding is not allowed.

Hall tickets, for University Examinations will be issued only after the students clear all the dues.

Carrying and usage of Cell Phones are strictly prohibited in the college campus and college bus. The cell phones will be confiscated and will not be returned back if a student is found using