Anantha Lakshmi Institute Of Technology & Sciences
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ELCS Lab :


English language plays a vital role in the life of an Engineering student. Apart from the subject knowledge, one needs to acquire good language skills and communication skills. To assist students to get better language skills we have well-equipped language laboratory. We have 60 computer systems with an effective Multimedia Language Lab software installed. In addition to this we conduct various activities regarding communication skills. We conduct regular sessions in:


• Phonetics

• Stress and Intonation

• Pronunciation Practice

• Role Plays

• Telephone Conversations

• Oral Presentations

• Description

• Group Discussions

• Just A Minute

• Resume’ Writing

• Debates

• Job Interviews


By giving thorough practice in the above mentioned lab activities we enable our students to be proficient in English language and Communication Skills so as to enable them to get placed in the corporate sector.