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The Talent sprint programme is inaugurated by J.A Chowdary on today. In hisinaugral speech he advised the students for more attention and dedication are required for success in the life. VEDA IIT Director attended the function as guest of honour advised the students that every knowledge will be there inside of every body and it is simply required to be awaken. S.K.U ex register Venkata Naidu advised the students togrow in the life by taking J.A. Chowdary as role model. Chairman Anantha Ramudu told the students the character should not be lost at any stage. Director Ramesh Naidu told that a research laboratar is going to be established in the college to persue the project in house principal Dr. Ramesh Babu and the talent sprint programme co-ordinator Nagaprabhakar present at the function.



Guest : Ramana Moorthy,

The Guest given valuable Speech regarding energy conservation & save the power. He told that wasting the power is very easy but generation is very difficult and cost. He explained about the electrical energy importance. The Guest told that saving of power generation is very essential.



Visit place :
PABR Hydro Power plant,
A.P. Genco,
Penna Ahobilam
Resource Person(Explains): Kesav A.E.
Date of Visit: 22/02/2013

There Resource person explained regarding the Hydel poser generation. There are two generating units (2x10Mw) and also explained regardly each componeals in the plant. i.e, about pentacle, sluice gates generator etc. There are two water treatments plants, he explained regerdey them also.



Conducted on 3rd & 4th April, 2014
CHIEF GUEST :Prof. A. Ananda Rao., B.Sc: B.Techa; M.Tech; Ph.D
Prof. A.Ananda Rao., B.Sc; B.Tech; M.Tech; Ph.D
Professor in CSE, Director IR&P;SCDE,JNTUA


With an enormous pleasure, I appreciate the efforts of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology Departments of Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and sciences for organizing the prestigious National Level Technical Student Symposium PRESTO 2K’14 from 03rd April to 4th April 2014.

This technical conglomeration would help the young student community to have a technical fest which would pave the way for their future development through innovation and mind-blowing ideas. Further, it is an opportunity for the students to exchange their ideas and to know about various developments through innovation and mind-blowing ideas. Further ,it is an opportunity for the student to exchange their ideas and to know about various development in revolutionary field Computer Science .

The Department has the healthy tradition of conducting this symposium and I am sure efforts would bring laurels to the one and all of the department . Finally I pray the almighty for the grand success of the thundering event of the Department.


Dr. C.Shobha Bindu., B.Tech,M.Tech.Ph.D Associate Professor & Head Of the Department


Departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology in Anantha lakshmi Institute of Technology & Sciences is conducting a National Level Technical Symposium, PRESTO 2K’14 on 3rd & 4th April, 2014. Various events such as paper presentation, Poster presentation, Technical Events like code-Zone and Fun Travia To coders are planned to test the communication skills, problem solving skills, time management skills, computing skills and global leadership skills which are needed for a technocrat to meet the expectations of the industry.

My hearty congratulation and best wishes for B.Tech students and organizers for the successful conduction of the event.

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A placement success meet is conducted at ALTS for the 2009-13 B.Tech and 2011-13 MBA students. The function witnessed the victory achieved regarding the placements provided for the students The chief guest of the function Prof.K.Rama Krisna Reddy, the vice-chancellor of the S.V.University said that there would be no development with out dedication. He taught the students about how to develop their skills to crown the victories. Another important guest of the function, Prof. K.Hemachandra Reddy, the Register the JNTUA taught the students that one should be dedicated to hard work if one wants to come up in the life. The Chairman of the college, M. Anantha Ramudu assured that they would arrange placements to each and every student of the college. The Director, M.Ramesh Naidu said that they are always at favour to do their best to the students. He emphasized the head to get food communication skills if the students want to get food opportunities. The principal of the college Dr. B. Ramesh Babu taught the students team the above batches have attended the meet and expressed their gratitude towards the management for providing very good placements. The placement officer Dr. Bhanu Kiran attended the function.



Dates: 11th April & 12th April.

Guest on Day Name : Prof H.Sudarsana Rao, JNTUA, Anantapur.

Guest of Honor on Day Name : Y.R.Subramanyam, M-Tech, Superintending Engineer(R&B) Anantapur.

Guest on Day Name : Dr. Vaishali G.Ghorpade, Head of the Department(CIVIL)JNTUA , Anantapur.

Message From Y.R. Subramnyam
Superintending Engineer(R&B Dept)

I am extremely happy to know that Anantha Lakshmi Institution Of Technology and Sciences, Anantapuramu is organizing a national level technical symposium “MOKSHA-2K14” on Advances in Civil Engineering on 11th April-2014.

Civil engineering is a service to society and by its nature will always be closely allied to governmental activities. The social standards of man have been greatly improved by the applications of Civil Engineering have been greatly improved by the applications of Civil Engineering knowledge in the solution of society’s problems. As a direct result of the utilization of scientific knowledge by the Civil Engineer, the world has become more efficient, it offers more conveniences, greater safety, and better health conditions to the masses. As the technological revolution expands, as the world’s population increases, and as environmental concerns mount, Civil Engineers would be entrusted by the society to achieve a sustainable world and raise the global quality of life.

This symposium would definitely be an inspiration and motivation for the students and Civil Engineering professional to enhance their knowledge in civil engineering field. I congratulate the management of Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Anantapuramu for organizing this conference and I wish all the success for their future endevours.

Message from Pro. H. Sudarsana Rao, Rector

I am extremely happy to note that Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Anantapur is conducting a program National Level Technical Symposium : Moksha 2K14 on 11th & 12th April 2014. These activities will not only improve the students understanding but also help them in getting exposure to latest technologies, developments that are taking place in the Technical Industry.
I take this opportunity to convey my congratulations to the organizers of the program and also wish the program a grand success.

Message From Vaishali G. Gorphade

I am very much plased to note that Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Ananthapur is conducting a National Level Technical Symposium, Moksha 2K14 on 11th & 12th April2014.

I Congratulate the Management, Principal, Convener, Co-Convener, Staff and the students of Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Ananthapur on this occasion. I hope that the students will derive the benefit from these events planned in Moksha 2K14 and improve their knowledge, communication and presentation capabilities. I wish the program a grand success.



VISIT DATE: 22/03/2014
PLANT NAME: R.T.P.P (Rayalasema Thermal power plant)
Students: II B-Tech, EEE, A/s & B/s
Resourse Person: Anand, Ade.
Industrial Co- ordeinator: B.Rambabu.

About the plant :

The Power Plant Capacities is 1050 Mo and 600 Mo unit reaction is going on the resource person explained about the each component in the plant very efficiently and potions. The students acquired practical knowledge from the Resource person. It helps the lot to gain the knowledge regardly Thermal Power Plant.



On 22/2/2014

This is one of the finest program held by Self Learning Clubs on 22nd of February, 2014 in which the innovative ideas of the students are furnished. The Head of Department of CSE, JNTUA, Anantapuramu, Dr. B. Shoba Bindu Garu has visited to this program as the chief guest. She has motivated every one by her unique speech. She said that Engineering is not valid if we don’t have sufficient skills. She also expressed her opinion that Girls should be in the Top position in the IT field because from invention of computer to the latest inventions, the inventors are only the men, so she said that it’s her wish and hope to see the Women riling the IT field.

In this program more than 40 Students have presented their innovative ideas. Among them the top three are given presentations.



Conducted on 28th & 29th march 2014
1.Dr. M.Vijay Kumar MTech.,Ph.d
Prof. of Electrical dn Electronics Engineering_JNTUCEA
2. Dr. G. Sreenivasan MTech.,ph.D
Assistant Professor,EEE
Intell Engg.College.


  • 1. Paper presentation
  • 2. Poster Presentation.
  • 3. Technical quiz
  • 4. Video Presentation

On 29th Chief Guest-Our Beloved Chairman Mr.M.Ananta Ramudu, B.A ALITS.

Dr. M.Vijay Kumar

Student development skills should be encouraged. The production of electricity is increased by young engineers like students. Workshops should be conducted to enhance the skills for the students as well as faculty. Project demo done by 2nd EEE Students is very good.


As an honorable guest, I would like to share my happy and sweet moments with you. As an academician, I welcome the prime concern of the institution to face though the challenges and responsibilities sparked by the latest innovations and advancements in the technological areas.
I would like to congratulates and wishing all the students a successful participation to express and exchange their technical knowledge.

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1st day
Guest Name:
Dr. Kanthamma garu:

It is very glad that e-day has gathered importance from Inception.
e-day makes ECE Department look so vibrant

Dr. Jordan :
E-Day makes electronics very interesting and helps us know about the various optimizations in the electronics and as well as communications technology.

2nd Day
Guest Name : SKU Principal:Dr.
It is very glad that e-day has became a part of ece department in ALTS and we should know that electronics is a very close and necessary consideration in human life

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Today A communication skills enhancement programme for II MBA Students has been started in Anantha Lakshmi Engineering College. The Chief guest of this programme, B.Krishna Reddy, Former Registerar of the S.K. University has addressed the students and given his valuable suggestions on this occasion. He suggested the students to utilize this best opportunity being provided by the college and emphasized the nrrd to get flowrished. He advised the students to put their sincere endeavor to come up in the future. For that he asked the students to put the suggestions of their probelsors into practice. The Director of the College, M.Ramesh Naidu on this occasion appealed that through resuler practice, the students can get mastery over the English language. The principal of the college Dr. B.Ramesh Babu in his address, asked the students to be regular to the college for getting the gegiuired results. The dean of the Management Students Dr. Nagendra Kumar, the placement officer Dr.C.Bhanu Kiran have attended the programme.



NSS Volunteers conducted Blood Donation Campaign in ALITS in association with Red Cross society. Dr. Joji Reddy, Sports secretary, JNTUA Anantapur has graced the programme as the chief Guest. The Red Cross Medical officer, Ramanjineyulu said that the blood one donates gives life to many needy people. ALITS Director M.Ramesh Naidu, Principal Dr. B. Ramesh babu, NSS Programme officer K. Ramesh Rao, M.B.A Incharge HOD. Guru Raj Deshpandey and others have paised the students who participated in this campaign.



National volunteers’Day was celebrated in ALITS on 5th December 2013. Sri Anantha Ramudu, Chairman, has graced the function as the chief guest He addressed the students and tole them about human values, services to be rendered to the Nation so as to remaind them theis social responsibility Director M.Ramesh Naidu, Principal Dr. B. Ramesh Babu. Have talked about the responsibilities of students towards the Nation. NSS program officer K.Ramesh Rao. Faculty members and students have also participated in the programme.



An awareness programme on “Career Development” Has been conducted in ALITS. The former commissioner of Technical Education, Lakshmi Narayana, IAS, attended as the chief Guest to the programme. He said that students, with a learning zeal, can get good positions by studying any difficult subject with positive bent of mind. Guest of the honour Murali Krishna, CEO, chaitra Engg. College explained how various Auto companies withstand the competition, and their working nature and e.t.c. He also said that we will have survival only if we adapt to the ever-changing Technology. ALITS chairman Anantha Ramudu, Director Ramesh Naidu, Principal Dr. B. Ramesh Babu, Placement officer Dr. Bhanu kiran and NSS programme officer K.Ramesh Rao have participated in this awareness programme.



ALITS has celebrated its 5th Annual Day Celebrations. Prof. K. Lal Kishore, Vice Chancellor, JNTUA, Anantapur. Has graced the function as chief guest Film Director Omkar attended the programe as Guest of the honor Chief Guest, K. Lal Kishore has delivered his valuable message on this occasion. He said that a person without computer knowledge and communication skills equals to illiterate. He told the students to work hard to get good results Guest of the honor, Omkar said that “everything can be achieved with hardwork”. He also said that Anantha Ramudu has made it real. Director, M. Ramesh Naidu and Principal Dr. B. Ramesh Babu have explained various developmental programmes in ALITS. College Chairman Anantha Ramudu’s Birth day is also celebrated on the same day. All the cultural programmes have greatly entertained all there at ALITS.



Rangoli Competition was conducted in ALITS under NSS Unit. Sericulture Joint Director Aruna Kumari and Prof. G. Mamatha of Electronics Dept. have attended as Chief Guests As a Jury they have selected Bhagya Lakshmi and Chandra Kantha for First Prize, and Tejaswini and Roopa for second Prize and parimala and Masreen for Third Prize. Chief guest aruna Kumari has explained the importance of Rangoli in our history. College Chairman Anantha Ramudu, Director, M. Ramesh Naidu, Principal Dr. B. Ramesh Babu, N.S.S officer K.Ramesh Rao, Dr. Sumathi, Dr.Bhanu Kiran and others have participated in this programme.

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