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Computer Science and Engineering is at the core of the information age. To prepare our students for the tremendous opportunities in the field, the CSE Department is strongly committed to excellence in both education and research.

High undergraduates benefit from the personal attention typical of a small college, yet have exposure to state-of-the-art technologies available only at a research university.

Our majors are designed to provide a strong foundation in the core areas of Computer Science and Engineering. Our vibrant graduate programs prepare students for positions in industry and academia.

Since its inception, the department has always been recognized for excellence in teaching.TheDepartment provides an outstanding teaching environment complemented by superior teaching for its students to flourish in. Graduates from the department are recruited by both academia and industry.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering with its cohesive team of faculty members offers a sound program at the UG as well as the PG levels. The curriculum is a blend of the conventional and theradical. It is updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands and the changing trends of the software industry and research laboratories.

B.Tech. Program : The B.Tech. Program is a four-year course oriented undergraduate program. The course work is spread accross all the semesters. The courses include a set of core courses offered by the department, a set of departmental electives and some free electives. Besides, a student must also complete a project at eighth semester towards the fulfillment of the degree requirements.

M.Tech. Program : The M.Tech. Program is a two-year course oriented graduate program. The student has to take a set of core courses and a set of electives. The course work is spread accross the first two semesters with an option of taking one elective this is followed by a project in the third and fourth semester in which the student can take up a project of his or her interest, supervised by a faculty member.


Laboratories :

C programming & Data structures lab

IT workshop lab

Advanced Data structures lab

Object oriented programming lab

Data base management systems lab

Computer Networks and Operating systems lab

Unix Internals lab

Web technologies and Data mining lab

Software testing and Case tools lab


Activities by CSE :

Self Learning Clubs

The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think”

This is a saying given by James Beattie

And the perfect example for this is

“Self Learning Clubs”.

The self Learning Clubs is an innovative thought of our CSE department and no other college except ours has implemented this. Through this the attitude & way of thinking of a student can be revealed.

Sharing of the creative thoughts is its main objective.

In this concept, students form as group and discuss among themselves and then give a shape to their Ideas and present to all. So that the way of thinking and competitiveness get enhanced.

The students who shows excellence in this will be given a presentation in the 2nd Saturday of every month Through this type of programmes the students develops a zeal and Activeness to do something new. Like this they attain a capability of doing special things in their lives.

Some popular and great personalities are invited to the programmes So that the students get motivated and inspired.


Events organized by the Self Learning Clubs

1. Innovative Ideas

2. Future of B. Tech

3. Sailing Across ‘C’

4. Subjective Debate

5. “Charles Babbage” Birth Day Celebrations

6. “Dennis Ritchie” Birth Day Celebration

7. Poster on “Slogans of Indian Freedom Fighters”

8. Poster on “On the Day of Republican India”

9. Poster on “Engineers Day”

10. Creation of “Blood Network”

11. Personality Development Program” by Sri A. Sudhakar Raju (Gunniess Book Record Holder)

12. Incredible Ideas (Program inaugurated by Dr. C. Shoba Bindu, Head, Dept. of CSE, JNTUACE) 22-02-2014

13. “How to DRESS for SUCCESS” program by Dr. A. P. Siva Kumar, Additional Controller of Examination, JNTUA. (22-02-2014)


Student Column

Student Column provides a platform to the students to present their innovative ideas and views. It is useful for the students to improve their reading, writing and presentation skills.


Head of the Department

Contact No : +917793981174, 9441103097

Email :



Name of The Faculty Qualification Designation Specialization Experience in years
Dr.Vuda Sreenivasa Rao M.E, Ph.D Professor CSE 16
Ms. A.Sandhya Rani M.Tech Asst.Professor & HOD CSE 10
K Ramesh Rao M.Tech, (Ph.D) Assoc.Professor CSE 19
K Muralidhar M.Tech, (Ph.D) Assoc.Professor CSE 17
Dr.M Surendra Naidu M.Sc, Ph.D Assoc.Professor CSE 10
V Narahari M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 7
Nbs Vijay Kumar M.Tech, (Ph.D) Asst.Professor CSE 4
Dk Shareef M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 5
K Kalyani M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 8
P Bharat Kumar M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 4
K Bhargavi M.Tech Asst.Professor SE 8
V Naveen Kumar M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 3
N Upendra Babu M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 7
V S Keerthana M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 1
K Ranga Swamy M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 10
R Ruhina M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 1
Y Chandra Kala M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 6
S Yamuna M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 4
G Balaraju M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 1
P Shajahan M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 8
P Sravanth Kumar M.Tech Asst.Professor CSE 1

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