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B. Tech – Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is one of the core branches which is a key for the survival of life on the earth. Civil engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society, and its history is intricately linked to advances in understanding of physics and mathematics throughout history. Throughout ancient and medieval history most architectural design and construction was carried out by artisans, such as stonemasons and carpenters, rising to the role of master builder. Knowledge was retained in guilds and seldom supplanted by advances. Structures, roads and infrastructure that existed were repetitive, and increases in scale were incremental.

Civil engineers supervise and direct the design and construction of roads, bridges, water supply systems and structures. They take the local environment into account, anticipating earth quakes and hurricanes as well as the stress of daily use. Citizens rely on the civil engineers to keep structures safe and create new systems for more efficient living.

Our department is established in the year 2011 with a motto of transforming students into a bright civil engineers. We have an intake of 60 students. It is going to be made 120 from this year for each section. We have well established laboratories and infrastructure. We have well experienced faculty for different subjects. We are having an environment in which students are well awared about the research going on in the civil engineering which helps in boosting the knowledge of students.



We have the enough lab infrastructure is available. All the labs are well established with the latest equipment. Following are the labs established in the department.

1. Surveying

2. Strength of materials

3. Fluid mechanics

4. Engineering geology

5. Environmental engineering

6. Geotechnical engineering


1. Surveying : This is the real life application of civil engineering and also plays a key role in commencement of any project.

2. Strength of materials: In this laboratory the behavior of materials against the application of load and strength of the different construction materials is tested.

3. Fluid mechanics: this lab deals with the behavior of water in different conditions which are much useful for industrial operations.

4. Engineering geology: The properties of natural materials loke rocks and minerals are to be identified in this laboratory. The advanced knowledge in this lab can be more useful to determine the extent of natural deposits under the earth.

5. Environmental engineering: This is the laboratory in which the domestic water is tested to determine the quality of it. It plays a key role in supplying hygienic water to the life on the earth by making suitable tests to check the standards which are specified.

6. Geotecjnical engineering: This is the advanced laboratory in which soil is tested to know its general and engineering properties. This helps in determining the suitability of the soil to construct a structure.


Activities :

Our department is always enthusiastic to encourage the students to stay forward in their curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities.

We are encouraging our students to participate in the workshops, conferences and symposiums which helps in enriching their knowledge. We are glad to inform that we have many interactions for the students with the industrial experts and it is going to be continued. Our students stood in a merit in some of the symposiums conducted throughout the state.

We are also glad to inform that a technical symposium named “MOKSHA 2K!4” is going to be conducted this year.

We have arranged many industrial visits for the students to make them practically efficient in the industry.

Last but not least we are also encouraging our students to participate actively in sports and other cultural events.


Head of the Department

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Name of The Faculty Qualification Designation Specialization Experience in years
Dr.B.Ramesh Babu M.S, Ph.D Professor & Principal Structures 25
K.Venkata Krishna M.Tech, (Ph.D) Assoc.Professor & HOD St.Engg. 7
G Raghu Yadav M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 2
D Yogeswar M.Tech Asst.Professor CA St.Engg. 1
G Ramesh M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 1
K Madhuri M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 2
K Mylarappa M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 1
B Usha Rani M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 3
B Raghavendra Raju M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 2
C Bhaskar M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 1
C Uma Maheswar M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 3
C S Naveen Kumar M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 1
A Pushpalatha M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 1
M Mahesh M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 5
M Rajasree M.Tech Asst.Professor St.Engg. 1
P V Keerthi M.Tech Asst.Professor TE 1

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